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What is KYD55, and is it right for you? Watch this video to find out!  Okay, so that kind of sounds like an ad for a pill—but that’s the exact opposite of what KYD55 is all about! 

Watch our video to find out what KYD55 is … and, even more importantly, what it’s not.

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Marc & Tricia Leach

Let's do this together... starting September 7th, 2021

Your dreams will always take a backseat to your health. 

We receive far too many emails from people who have spent their entire lives preparing for "their time," only to get derailed at the last minute by a medical emergency. Suddenly, their plans have to change.

Why do we put off making major changes until we’re forced to?

Let's make Fall 2021 your best fall ever by creating healthy habits that support your dreams.

KYD55 isn't just physical, either. Our thinking plays the biggest role in our health, which is why reading and service are two key elements of this program.

It won’t be easy ... but nothing worth doing ever is! You won't regret making this commitment to yourself and your dreams.

What kind of impact can KYD55 make? 

Maybe you’re thinking…
KYD55 is too new to have FAQs, but we thought you might be wondering...

Is this an exercise program?

No, this is about establishing healthy habits with a community of people for positive support and encouragement. KYD55 is not about weight loss, although you might lose weight. It’s about taking ownership over your physical and mental health in a sustainable way that keeps your dreams in the driver's seat! 

Are Marc & Tricia really qualified to be doing something like this?

No! We have ZERO initials after our names! KYD55 will make no recommendations, and everything you do on the program is your decision. Our only focus is to foster a community committed to great health, so you can find the right answers for you and get the encouragement you need to build healthy habits and keep them going.

Come on ... free? What's really going on here?

No really, free! No strings attached. Not even “Do you want fries with that?” In fact, definitely no fries! Sorry :) We feel honored to have created the KYD Community with so many genuine and amazing people, and we wanted to create a program that will help the community as a whole live their best lives! 

Will all my information be private?

100% private. We would never share or sell any of your information, right down to your email address. If you participate in the program and want to share before and after pictures, that's your decision. Your information is safe with us. 

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